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At CorrIT we use our domain and technical expertise to solve business challenges for our clients, with whom we enjoy a strong reputation and valued relationships. We take a professional consultative approach to ensure that your organisation gets the best possible results and that every solution we design is aligned to your unique set of business needs.

Analysis & Design

To guarantee that your investment results in a successful implementation, it is imperative that a detailed analysis phase is undertaken before every implementation to ensure that the full scope of your requirements are considered for inclusion in any solution we design for you. Our analysis considers various stakeholders in the business, currently employed technologies, awareness of compliance mandates and many other factors shape the prerequisites of every solution we design. Only with a comprehensive analysis of your current and future requirements, can you be sure that your solution will assess your unique business requirements against the right criteria. At CorrIT, we provide a structured approach to business requirements gathering and analysis and delivery to you a detailed report with recommendations and solutions that you can choose from to fulfil your requirement which will then be returned to you as a functional specification for your proposed solution.

Proof of Concept & Installation

Through our vast experience providing solutions across multiple fields in various cultures, we have learned that customers are a large part of our solutions. We build solutions around you, so at every stage of our project you will have access to the system to provide feedback and see the design come to life. This step-wise approach to solution delivery allows the client early access to the system and they can test the proof of concept long before the system goes into production. Once the system has been finalised and tested, CorrIT will install the system on the development server and configure the system for production. Depending on your solution requirements, CorrIT can provide both onsite and offsite managed installations. Our experienced technical team have rolled out a hundreds of systems using a variety of platforms and are familiar with the potential problems that you may encounter.

Training & Support

Once your solution has been rolled into production, CorrIT become your training and support partner. Providing a variety of training package to suit your need.

Training Packages

Onsite or Online Administration Training

Creating professional, on demand training videos for your staff

Provide user friendly training documents

Our friendly and approachable support team are always on hand to ensure that you receive the help and support you need to resolve any issues you experience with your solution. Our technical team can operate a support service for you when things go wrong either onsite or remotely.

Standard Support

First line telephone support for customers with a valid contract

First line remote support for customers witha valid contract

Monday – Friday 9am – 5.30pm

Extended Support

Provide out of hours support for mission critical systems

Provide short term out of hours cover for a system upgrade or migration

Make an engineer available to be on call during planned outages to your other systems

Onsite Support

Half Day onsite visit

Full Day onsite visit

Provide short term cover for absent staff

Please contact CorrIT for further details and pricing, alternatively if you have an immediate support requirement, please fill in the emergency support form on our support page.