Emergency Medicines Portal

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Emergency Medicines Portal

The HPRA’s Emergency Medicines Portal is an online system that will allow organisations to notify the HPRA of their intention to procure or purchase a specified medicine from a pharmacy or other supplier for supply and administration in an emergency situation.

The portal is an easy to follow, secure, electronic mechanism that enables an organisation to submit a valid ‘notification’ (as defined in emergency medicines legislation).This notification must be completed prior to the first procurement of a specified medicine(s). In order to complete the notification process, an organisation must have appointed at least one accountable person who is legally responsible to ensure compliance with the legislation. The organisation should also ensure there are individuals trained in the use of all medicines they wish to procure, before they notify the HPRA of their intention to procure any medicines. The portal allows organisations to include details for each individual premises, should the organisation wish to procure medicines for more than one premises. It also allows for changes to be made to ensure details are up to date. These should be completed within four weeks of any changes taking place. Once a valid notification has been submitted through the portal, the relevant details will be published on the list of ‘Listed Organisations’.


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